Advisory Councils

We seek input and advice from stakeholders across the community including parents, business executives and nonprofit leaders.

The School and District-level advisory committees shall be formed as needed to offer suggestions and advice to the staff in order to assist them in the decision-making process. The final responsibility for all decisions, however, rests with the Board of Education and the Superintendent.

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Service Advisory

So many wonderful nonprofit and service organizations are hard at work every day making Millardbetter. From Project Wee Care to the Food Bank for the Heartland and every large and small organization in between, these groups weave an amazing net of safety and support for our families.The purpose of the MPS Superintendent's Service Advisory is bring these groups together so they can connect with us and with each other. This opportunityto network and build relationships with service, nonprofit, and civic organizations who support Millard students and families helps all of us.

Interfaith Advisory

The goal of the Superintendent's Interfaith Advisory Council is to strengthen relationships between faith-based organizations and Millardin order to collaboratively support students academically, socially, and emotionally.

Business Advisory

The Millard Superintendent's Business Advisory is a group ofbusiness leaders in the Metro area invited to share their expertise on topics like the District budget and workforce development.

Parent Advisory

Parents share candid input and are liaisons to their building parent groups. Schools select representatives to attend three meetings a year with the Superintendent and his team. If you are interested in serving on this advisory, please contact your child's principal.

Additional Advisories

The Millard Public schools offers a number of other advisories including

  • Parents of High Ability Learners (HAL)
  • Student Advisory
  • English Language Family Advisory
  • Parents of Special Education Students
  • Early Childhood Parent Advisory

Talk to your student’s principal or teacher for more information.