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The 妻友社区 Early College Program allows students the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree from Metropolitan Community College (MCC) while earning a high school diploma. This degree will transfer to the University of Nebraska-Omaha to fulfill many of the general education requirements for a Bachelor鈥檚 Degree.听

All 8th grade students within the 妻友社区 District may apply for the Early College Program. Students accepted to participate in the Early College Program will attend Millard South High School. Students who are not currently assigned to attend Millard South High may transfer to the high school. Students outside of Millard may听apply to the Early College program and need to apply for open enrollment into the district.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity to get a head start on college, please reference the resources below:

  • 听- applications are due by January 19, 2024.