Artist Watie White

The Triumph of Youth Mural

The Triumph of Youth
By Artist Watie White with Contributions of the Millard Community

“To tell a story of a place in a single image is a daunting task, for the simple problem that any person who describes a community they know is blind to all the perspectives that aren’t theirs.” -Watie White

Standing 33 feet wide and 25 feet tall, “The Triumph of Youth” is the most visible piece of public art in Millard. The project is a collaboration between artist Watie White and more than 50 Millard Public School students, staff and members of the Millard community. It is located on the scoreboard of Buell Stadium at 149th and Q Streets and faces outward so everyone passing by can enjoy it. The project was privately funded through the generous support of the Foundation, Penny and Frank Kowol, Addie and Robert Hollingsworth, and the Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment.